Summer Fashion: Must have clothes for 2018

Summer is here and in what way can you celebrate the fun Mister Sun other than dressing up? This is the reason why many people love summer season. They can see playful colors everywhere, from fashion, beauty up to decorations. Fashion, of all the good things about summer, is the most affable to the eyes of people. Every year, summer fashion is changing and updating but is always recycling. Last year, the fashion was more on accentuating the shoulders. The shoulder cuts were strategically placed so to create a maximum impact to its bearer. Sleeve slits and white dresses were also rage last year.

Now, let’s take a look at the summer fashion for this year. Here’s the summer fashion list and the must have clothes for summer 2018 as seen on NY, London, Milan and Paris Fashion Week:


Primary Colors/ Crayola Colors

Primary colors in the Pantone colour chart such as tomato red, bright yellow and emerald green are pulsating this year. This can be seen on Balenciaga’s head to toe dress accessorised with Balenciaga Crocs.


Summer without pastel colors is lame. Lilac, lemon and any array of colors which have ice cream hues are in for this summer season. These colors can be seen at Celine’s Neapolitan.




Raise the hands of people who are in love with anything sequined because they are totally a must this summer. Marc Jacobs, Dior and Versace are all into this fashion this season.


Checks are not only for winter but is for this summer as well. From checked dresses, shopper bags to tights, you will definitely see a lot of it this year in different sweet colors.




Fringe made a surprisingly comeback this season. Get ready to be swishing this season from top to bottom.


Suit Shorts

Do you think your shorts will be boring this summer 2018? Nope. Silky boxer style shorts were seen on Louis Vuitton’s, high-waisted shorts were seen on Laurent’s, and a whole bunch of knee-tailored short suits were seen on different stylists and creators. Bring out your last years high-waisted tailored shorts and style your way this summer.




Floral Dresses

Of course, summer wouldn’t be summer without florals. What’s in for this summer are high-necked blouse in florals and sheer clothes where you can bravely display your underwears.



Extra Large Tote

If last year the trend is all about mini bags, now is the season for practical big bags. When we say big bags, we mean extra large bag.





Bumbags or chic leather bags are still in for this summer. Unleash your 80’s fashion and invest on those high-quality bumbags because they won’t be out of fashion.

Multiple bags

Another in for this summer season is the multiple bags. This means you can carry a tote bag and a hand carry bag all at once as seen on Chanel, Dolce & Gabanna and Gucci.




Cinderalla Shoes

Since sequined clothes are in for this summer, glittery shoes, aka Cinderalla shoes, are also in. This can be seen on Mary Jane’s, Victoria Beckham’s and Tom Ford’s glittery shoes.

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