What Are The In Colors For Summer 2018

Ladies and gents, if you are looking for the in colors this summer 2018, check out the list below. These are the colors predicted by the Pantone Institute:


Lilac is the color of summer season and will be in for the whole summer this year. This pale incarnation of purple is the most dominant color among the pastel hues these days. If you are not sure how to wear it, take a look at the Lilac suit worn by Victoria Beckham and the lilac sequinned Armani dress Sally Hawkins wore to the Oscars. If you’re still concerned on how to wear the color, because yoi may see it as an old-boring color, you may mix it with denims in shades of grey or black. You can also check Michael Kors summer collection and see how the color lilac is used to create something fashion forward pieces.

Rapture Rose

Inserted by Pantone in the official palette for spring 2018, this color is very feminine in nature. This color is something everyone would like to wear because it’s very completing on any types of skin and it’s very princess-like. Like the gowns you can see with most of the princesses from your childhood days.


Almost Mauve

This color is one of the top Pantone spring color trends this 2018. It is close to off-white or slightly beige and is perfect if you want to look slightly virgin and pure. It is very soft and elegant to look at especially on dresses. This color has seen on collections of Valentino, Alexander McQueen and Jason Wu.

Blooming Dahlia

This color trend sits somewhere between peach and nude, exactly the color of a dahlia. One look and you’ll notice that it’s a very sweet shade and also very versatile. You can always pair it with your other favorite colors whether its a pair of jeans or floral skirt. The best way to wear this is close to your face because it gives glow to a pale skin and contrast to a tanned skin.


Olive Green

Olive green is always a staple when you want to dress up or dress down. It also compliments any skin complexion. Get ready to unleashed once again your military side with military touched outfits this summer 2018. You will be seeing military inspired jackets, cargo toppers, military boots, double breasted coat, and many more.


Lime Punch

Aside from dark hue of greens, brighter greens are also in this summer 2018. Lime Punch is somewhere between a bright green and neon green. It looks very refreshing, cheerful and very eye catching. It was first used by Anya Hindmarch and Pringle of Scotland for sportswear inspired fashion, while Tom Ford used it for an evening dress.



Chili Oil

Chili oil is an earthy brown based red spotted on Givenchy leather dress. Expect that you will always see leather jackets in chili oil this summer. The color is so sexy and fierce and the other way to showcase this in your outfit is by wearing accessories with the same color.

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